Brazil’s ag sector booms as LWR prepares to enter this market with their newly awarded patent.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – (February 21, 2020) Livestock Water Recycling, an award-winning global manufacturer of manure treatment systems, announced today that it has been awarded a patent in Brazil. The LWR System makes it possible for livestock producers to achieve environmental sustainability while maximizing farm productivity through water recycling, and precision nutrient application that includes fertigation. LWR’s approach to manure treatment aims to help the agriculture sector achieve triple­-bottom-­line outcomes: meeting the growing demand for food, increasing farmer profitability, and protecting the environment and public health.

“Receiving this patent is the next phase in our global expansion” says Karen Schuett, CEO and Co-Founder of LWR.  “Not only has our technology been designed to maximize farm sustainability, it is first and foremost a profitability tool for farmers looking to increase crop growth, and Brazil is an ideal market for this value proposition” adds Schuett.

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