Livestock Water Recycling has developed a way to transform animal manure into high-value products that can be sold into the circular economy


It started with pigs. Or, more accurately, the “manure lagoon” they created on an Alberta hog farm. In search of help for this football field–sized problem, the local farmer reached out to Karen Schuett, who was running a water treatment business focused on groundwater that had been contaminated with hydrocarbons—organic chemicals found in oil, natural gas and coal.

Since then, LWR has started building a revenue model that is poised to transform the livestock sector. There are even predictions that manure could become more valuable to farmers than milk. “This new profit dynamic has the potential to make the industry more economically and environmentally robust,” says Schuett. It’s an unexpected twist, but Schuett is finding a way to spin manure into gold.

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