The System

LWR's PLANT System

LWR's PLANT System

Our patented process technology uses both mechanical and chemical treatments to remove manure contaminants and segregate valuable fertilizer nutrients at large livestock operations. As the manure effluent flows through the process, solids are sequentially removed. The result is valuable segregated fertilizer nutrients and clean water that can be reused around the barns.



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Nutrient & Water Recovery

The nutrient and water recovery capacity of the PLANT System is the highest on the market. Our process extracts up to 75% of the water from manure while concentrating and segregating nutrients. By concentrating and segregating the nutrients, you are given more control over your nutrient application which minimizes your field work. The result is clean, potable water, dry solids that are rich in both phosphorus and organic nitrogen and a concentrated stable ammonium and potassium liquid.


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The Water

The water from the PLANT System is completely safe and suitable for discharge. The process removes all disease-causing pathogens found in livestock manure and can be used for flushing the barns and irrigation. With a new source of renewable, clean water, your farm will be cleaner and your manure management more efficient.


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The Nutrients

The manure, once treated, is significantly reduced in volume, taking stress off of historically full lagoons and storage pits. Nutrients can be applied once a year at the optimal time for crop growth, maximizing their value. Eliminate nutrient overload by strategically applying fertilizer as needed, where necessary, eliminating any risk of nutrient runoff. Excess nutrients can be sold to create an additional revenue stream.

LWR's PLANT System is able to completely treat livestock effluent - it recycles all parts of the manure so that they can be reused at the farming operation. There is zero discharge and no additional equipment is needed to ensure proper treatment. Unlike other effluent treatment systems, LWR's system recovers clean water which will not contaminate groundwater sources and also concentrates the nutrients in the effluent to significantly reduce handling and transport costs.


LWR is proud to partner with Veolia and FAN Separator, a BAUER Group company, to deliver innovative solutions to help you reach your performance and compliance goals.

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The LWR team is full of spirited individuals with diverse backgrounds from engineering, marketing, psychology, finance, accounting, human resources, and trade school.

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The LWR Innovation Center located in Calgary, Alberta, brings together global experts and advanced analytical tools to explore, analyze and solve challenges related to manure treatment.

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