How does the LWR Manure Treatment System work?

The LWR Manure Treatment System is a patented mechanical and chemical treatment process for manure. As the manure is processed in the system, nutrients are segregated and concentrated at different stages. The resulting products of the LWR System are fertilizer solids rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, a concentrated liquid fertilizer containing ammonia and potash. Lastly, clean potable water is recycled through the membrane filtration system. The System generates zero discharge, so all parts of the manure are recycled as valuable outputs for reuse on the farm.

Where else has the LWR System's been installed?

LWR systems have been installed at dairy and hog operations across Canada and the US. The first US system was installed at a dairy in New York State, and additional units are operating in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Some of our projects also work in collaboration with anaerobic digesters and gasification units.

For a full list of installations, check out our installation map

What makes the LWR System different from any other manure treatment system?

LWR's System is able to completely treat livestock effluent - it recycles all parts of the manure so that they can be reused at the farming operation. There is zero discharge and no additional Equipment is required. Unlike other effluent treatment systems, LWR's system recovers clean water which will not contaminate groundwater sources and also concentrates the nutrients in the effluent to significantly reduce handling and transport costs.

LWR's technology has been awarded a patent in Canada, Russia, and New Zealand and is patent-pending in six other countries around the world. The award of these patents reinforces the innovative technology LWR is providing to the livestock industry. 

How is the concentrated liquid nutrient stored?

The concentrated liquid nutrient, rich in ammonia and potash, can be stored in either a tank or in an existing lagoon. After the manure has been processed with the LWR System, the volume is significantly reduced. This allows for easy storage of the concentrated liquid nutrient fertilizer. This also reduces the volume that needs to be transported and handled.

Can you really drink the recycled water?

The LWR system safely removes the disease-causing pathogens found in livestock manure. These pathogens include Salmonella, E-Coli, Cryptosporidium and fecal coliform.

The water discharged from the LWR System meets Canadian drinking water standards and is suitable to use back in the barns or for irrigation.

What is the life expectancy of the LWR System?

The LWR System has an indefinite lifespan. With regular maintenance and care the system should never require replacement. An amortization period of fifteen years can be used for the system.

How much space will the LWR Manure Treatment System take up on my farm?

The LWR System is pre-manufactured on three skids, with each skid being able to be transported on the back of a flat-bed truck. Once interconnection of all three skids has been completed, the system will have a footprint of approximately 2000 square feet - including the space needed for peripherals (storage tanks).

Does the LWR System require someone for ongoing operation?

The system is fully automated and requires approximately two hours per day of scheduled maintenance, cleaning and operations. This also includes the handling and storage of the dry solids produced from the system. The system was built with a busy farmer in mind, operational training is straight forward and the system is easy to operate.

Once the system is installed and ready for operation, a member of the LWR team will provide comprehensive training. On-site manuals for all aspects of the LWR System are included as well as a trouble shooting guide. In addition support is always available from LWR. Our goal is to maintain a long-term relationship with all of our customers.

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