Our story is a combination of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and a passion for the environment. For over 15 years we ran a successful business as a designer and manufacturer of systems for the treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater.  This business was exciting and allowed us to develop a reliable and tested technology.  We worked from the Arctic Circle to Hawaii, from the JFK airport to Brazil.  It sparked our passion for global water treatment and fueled our desire to innovate.


Dairy and Hog Livestock Industry Discovery

We wanted to continue cleaning the world’s water and in 2003 we discovered the dairy and hog livestock industry. This huge market was dramatically under-serviced in the area of water treatment technology, especially considering that according to the UN Water Development Report, agriculture accounts for 70% of global freshwater withdrawals.

Global Impact

We knew that with our previous experience in contaminated water treatment, we could have a BIG impact on the world. Everyone needs food, everyone needs water, and everyone wants a clean environment to live in.

Environmentally Sustainable Storage

Manure is traditionally stored in massive lagoons the size of football fields fifteen feet deep and runoff from storage and spreading activities has the potential to contaminate surrounding land, rivers, and lakes. After years of R&D, we discovered an environmentally sustainable alternative to this practice.

Giving Back to Earth

The type of water treatment system we envisioned allows a farm to create a full circle - treating manure to recycle all the nutrients and clean water back to their crops. We want to give back to the earth what we are taking from it.

Innovated Technologies

Farmers are the original environmentalists and manure is a natural organic fertilizer that is excellent for the earth when managed effectively. Farmers work hard 365 days a year to feed the world and we want to support them in the important role that they have and make their lives a little easier. By 2050 we need to increase world food production by 70% in order to meet the needs of 9 billion people and it is the power of innovation that will lead us to develop technologies to meet these needs using fewer resources.

Our First Operating System

The treatment of manure waste water was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be but we persevered and by 2007 we had a prototype. In 2008, we ran our system at a Manitoba hog facility and by 2010 we had our first commercialized systems. We now have systems installed and operating throughout Canada and the US.

Puting the Environment First

We set out to invent something unique that would have a significant impact on the environmental which we have proudly achieved. Our team of creative, educated, and dedicated individuals is working hard to continue to shape the way manure is handled in order to protect the environment while reusing resources wherever possible.

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The LWR team is full of spirited individuals with diverse backgrounds from engineering, marketing, psychology, finance, accounting, human resources, and trade school.

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Innovation Center

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The LWR Innovation Center located in Calgary, Alberta, brings together global experts and advanced analytical tools to explore, analyze and solve challenges related to manure treatment.

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From being the first to being the continued market leader, our vision has always been to help livestock farmers increase farm efficiencies, while becoming even more environmentally sustainable.

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