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The integration of nutrient recovery into biogas systems can boost gas production while alleviating on-farm manure management and nutrient application challenges

LWR’s nutrient recovery technology has become the most sought-after sustainability solution in the world. This proven, patented sensor-enabled platform isolates and concentrates manure and bioliquids into a valuable solid fertilizer or digester feedstock, a crop additive liquid fertilizer, and clean reusable water. This nutrient recovery technology is called the First Wave system, and it is unparalleled in solids and organics capture and removal.

This technology platform come complete with a sophisticated automation and data analytics package to digitize the nutrient footprint of manure and digestate, unlocking the highest value of biosolids. This data can be tied into existing management software for regulatory reporting. It can also assist in the creation of new revenue opportunities by facilitating easy access into digital marketplaces for fertilizer sales and potential for nutrient trading and carbon credits.

As liquids flow through the process, solids and fine particles are separated and extracted into phosphorus, potassium, ammonia, and organic nitrogen.  

Benefits of nutrient recovery for biogas:

  • Thicken manure feedstock

  • Add more manure into each project

  • Reduce hydraulic retention time

  • Supercharge gas production

  • Maximize digester capacity

  • Reduce the need for energy crops

  • Improve CI Scores

  • Reduce expenses while improving the environmental impacts of digestate

 With multiple ways to monetize your manure, contact us to discuss your project. 

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